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I'm worried the cost of liposuction will grow if my body doesn't heal properly.

Following liposuction skin tends to attach to muscle even better than and did before the surgery. Using this in combination with the provided support clothing, massage and general attention should nearly always result in the Perth's cost of liposuction consistency as additional surgery should not be required If it is, due to a fault of our own, the additional surgery will be performed free of charge.

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Our Perth Office

What is liposculpture?

Liposculture is low risk, short type of surgery. Its harmful impact are so minimal most doctor's rarely believe that it is even necessary to take time off work, with the typical patient being expecte to return home the same day as the surgery. Perth's Liposculpture clinic is renowned for both their accuracy and their impressive safety record.

Will my healthcare fund cover the cost of liposuction?

In some cases those patients belonging to a private health fund can receive a rebate on their procedure. This tends to result in a reduction of approximately $500 to the cost of liposuction, Perth's clinic attempting to conform to healthcare criteria to render the process as cheap as possible for our clients.

What constitutes a "large" amount of liposuction?

Perth's Liposuction Clinic recognise The American Society of Plastic Surgeon's definition of large amounts of liposuction as the removal of more than five litres of fat. This type of liposuction is best performed in hospitals under general anaesthetic. Any lesser amount of liposuction can be happily dealt with here in our Perth clinic.

What are our liposuction prices?

The cost of liposuction is dependant on the individual. Perth's liposuction prices start from as low as $1000 for our most basic liposuction service. Consultation is required for more detailed information to be acquired.